New H.O.M.E.

New Home Purchasing Process

What to Expect When Purchasing a Home in one of our Central Texas Communities

Whether this is your first home purchase or your fifth, the process can always be a little confusing. This flow chart indicates the typical progression towards home ownership. Rest assured at every step along the way, we will do everything we can to make the purchase process as easy as possible for you, our valued client.

1. Find Your Home

Work with your Bella Vista Homes Sales Professional to find the home that is right for you, at which point you will complete a purchase agreement and leave an earnest money deposit. If you build from dirt, you will also choose your interior options at this point.

2. Loan Application

You have 30 days from the day you sign your purchase agreement to apply for a mortgage loan. You may have already pre-qualified for your home loan through the lender of your choice. If not, Bella Vista works with a preferred lender who will work with you to find the home loan that fits your needs.

3. New Home Orientation

A few days before closing on your home, you will meet with a construction superintendent who will show you the ins and outs of your new home. 

4. Closing

Purchasing Process

You will meet with a representative of our preferred title company to transfer the home’s title to your name. Remember, you must secure a homeowner’s insurance policy before coming to the closing table.

5. Move In

Don't wait another minute! Contact Bella Vista today at (210)402-0642.

Finally the day you’ve been dreaming about! As soon as your mortgage loan funds, we’ll hand over the keys and you are free to move in!