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Four Common Homebuying Myths Everyone Should Know—and the Truth Behind Each

The most common homebuying myths can delay first-time shoppers from beginning the process. In the sh...
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How to Decide You’re Ready to Stop Renting and Purchase a New Home

What first-time buyers should know about the process and how they can find out if they’re ready to b...
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How Work Commutes Impact Where You Should Live in a Mid- to Large-sized City

Living Close to Work: What to Expect When Commuting in Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, and San Antonio&n...
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Moving and Packing Tips First-Time Homeowners Need to Know

Tips, tricks, and other best practices for homeowners moving into a new home for the first time.It c...
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What Makes a Home Energy Efficient and Why Does it Matter?

As energy costs rise around the country, more and more homeowners and homebuilders are prioritizing ...
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Homebuying Tutorial: The Basics that Every Buyer Should Know About the Process

Read this basic how-to and find out everything you need to know about the homebuying process to make...
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